UIZE JavaScript Framework

2014 News

This is the news archive for the UIZE JavaScript Framework for the year 2014.
2014-12-09 - NEW TOOL: Pseudo-localizer  The new Pseudo-localizer tool (which makes use of the Uize.Widgets.Tools.PseudoLocalizer widget module) lets you experiment with the technique of pseudo-localiztion. 2014-11-16 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Widgets.RatingStars.Widget  The new Uize.Widgets.ImagePort.Widget module implements a widget class for a rating stars widget. 2014-11-15 - Deprecated Modules Killed  Various deprecated alias modules under the Uize.String namespace, that were left in place for backwards compatibility purposes after the modules were migrated to the new Uize.Str namespace, have finally been killed. 2014-06-22 - NEW METHOD: Uize.Str.Limit.lengthize  The new Uize.Str.Limit.lengthize static method, implemented in the Uize.Str.Limit module, lets you adjust the length of a source string to a new desired length, adding padding or performing truncation as necessary, and with the option of specifying the alignment for the source text in the new string. 2014-06-17 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Math.Blend  The new Uize.Math.Blend module provides a way to blend two values to produce a new, interpolated value, with support for blending arbitrarily complex data structures, quantization, and interpolation curve functions (and structures). 2014-06-14 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Templates.Text.Table  The new Uize.Templates.Text.Table JavaScript Template module lets you generate a text-based table layout of data that can be used when outputting to logs, consoles, terminals, etc. 2014-06-03 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Util.ModuleNaming  The new Uize.Util.ModuleNaming module provides utility methods to help with following the various UIZE conventions for module naming. 2014-05-31 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Templates.Text.ProgressBar  The new Uize.Templates.Text.ProgressBar JavaScript Template module lets you generate a text progress bar string that can be used when outputting to logs, consoles, terminals, etc. 2014-05-25 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Str.Whitespace  The new Uize.Str.Whitespace module provides methods for testing if strings contain whitespace characters, if they contain non-whitespace characters, if they are only whitespace or non-whitespace characters, and for finding the first index or last index of whitespace or non-whitespace characters. 2014-05-23 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Loc.Pseudo  The new Uize.Loc.Pseudo module provides methods to facilitate the pseudo-localization of the resource strings of an application. 2014-04-30 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Data.Diff  The new The Uize.Data.Diff module provides a way to compare all the leaf node properties of two data objects and report the property differences in the form of a diff result object. 2014-04-04 - DEPRECATED MODULE - Uize.Data  The Uize.Data module has been deprecated as a package module containing static methods, in favor of it becoming a pure namespace module.