UIZE JavaScript Framework

2014 NEWS 2014-11-15 - Deprecated Modules Killed

Various deprecated alias modules under the Uize.String namespace, that were left in place for backwards compatibility purposes after the modules were migrated to the new Uize.Str namespace, have finally been killed.

Uize.String                  >> BECOMES >>  !!! DEAD !!!
Uize.String.Builder          >> BECOMES >>  !!! DEAD !!!  --  use Uize.Str.Builder
Uize.String.Discombobulator  >> BECOMES >>  !!! DEAD !!!  --  use Uize.Str.Discombobulator
Uize.String.Lines            >> BECOMES >>  !!! DEAD !!!  --  use Uize.Str.Lines
Uize.String.Replace          >> BECOMES >>  !!! DEAD !!!  --  use Uize.Str.Replace

These modules were turned into backwards compatibility alias modules after their functionality was migrated to under the new Uize.Str namespace in October of 2013, so the backwards compatibility provision has been available for a year. The alias modules are now being removed to keep the framework clean. For background on this change, see the original deprecation notice 2013-10-21 - Uize.String Module Deprecated.