UIZE JavaScript Framework

2014 NEWS 2014-11-16 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Widgets.RatingStars.Widget

The new Uize.Widgets.ImagePort.Widget module implements a widget class for a rating stars widget.

1. A Simple Interface

The Uize.Widgets.ImagePort.Widget widget module supports a very simple interface with two state properties: value and maxValue.

The maxValue state property is used to specify the maximum possible number of stars that a rating can have, and the value state property is used to specify the number of rating stars for the current rating value.


var ratingStars = Uize.Widgets.RatingStars.Widget ({

In the above example, a rating stars widget is being created to display a two and half stars out of five rating at the 'tiny' size.

2. Visual Sampler

Below is a visual sampler of the Uize.Widgets.RatingStars.Widget class...

3. Visual Tests

The Uize.Widgets.ImagePort.Widget module has comprehensive visual tests.