UIZE JavaScript Framework

2014 NEWS 2014-12-09 - NEW TOOL: Pseudo-localizer

The new Pseudo-localizer tool (which makes use of the Uize.Widgets.Tools.PseudoLocalizer widget module) lets you experiment with the technique of pseudo-localiztion.

Pseudo-localization is a process of programmatically "translating" application text (typically English) to a pseudo-locale to aid in identifying i18n (internationalization) and L10n (localization) issues in the application. Pseudo-localization comprises the processes of accenting, expansion, and wrapping, which are applied to the source (untranslated) text to produce the pseudo-localized text. For more information on pseudo-localization, consult the reference for the Uize.Loc.Pseudo module.

The new Pseudo-localizer tool lets you customize the various pseudo-localization options that are supported by the Uize.Loc.Pseudo module and pseudo-localize any custom source text that you enter.