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MODULES Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable

1. Introduction

The Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module extends the Uize.Widget.Dialog base class by adding a highly configurable resizing capability for dialogs.

DEVELOPERS: Chris van Rensburg

The Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module is an extension module that extends the Uize.Widget.Dialog class. In a Rich Internet Application, many dialogs will not need to be resizable by the user. Therefore, the resizability functionality is not implemented in the Uize.Widget.Dialog class - in order to reduce the need for loading the extra code. Instead, in order to make dialogs resizable one needs to require the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable extension module and set the resizable state property that it adds to the Uize.Widget.Dialog class to true for any dialogs that you want to be resizable. Consider the following example...


Uize.module ({
  builder:function () {
    var page = window.page = Uize.Widget.Page ();

    page.addChild ('resizableDialog',Uize.Widget.Dialog,{resizable:true});

In the above example, an anonymous module is being used to require the Uize.Widget.Page (page widget) class and the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable extension module. Once these two modules are loaded, the builder function creates an instance of the page widget and adds a dialog (an instance of the Uize.Widget.Dialog class) named resizableDialog as a child widget. By specifying the initial state of {resizable:true}, the dialog is resizable by the user.

1.1. Things to Note

1.1.1. Must Set Resizable To True

It is not sufficient to merely require the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module in order for dialogs to be resizable.

This module only implements the resizability functionality. You still need to enable resizability for specific dialogs, because just making all dialogs resizable by default would have a runtime cost and may not even be appropriate for most cases.

1.1.2. Requiring Uize.Widget.Dialog Optional

If one requires the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable extension module, it is not essential to require the Uize.Widget.Dialog module, since it is implicit by requiring Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable.

However, you may still want to require both as a good practice, since you will technically be creating instances of Uize.Widget.Dialog and not Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable.

1.1.3. All Subclasses Resizable

Because the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module extends the Uize.Widget.Dialog module, instances of all subclasses of Uize.Widget.Dialog will also be able to be resizable.

This is provided that the Uize.Widget.Dialog module is extended before the subclasses are created. Examples of other dialog subclasses include: Uize.Widget.Dialog.Confirm, Uize.Widget.Dialog.Form, and Uize.Widget.Dialog.Form.

1.1.4. Forced Resizable Subclasses

A dialog subclass can be made resizable so that all newly created instances of that subclass will be resizable right off the bat. This is done by setting the value of the resizable state property to true on the class, as in the following example...


Uize.require (
  function () {
    (MyNamespace.MyDialog = Uize.Widget.Dialog.subclass ()).set ({resizable:true});

      myDialog1 = new MyNamespace.MyDialog,                    // resizable
      myDialog2 = new MyNamespace.MyDialog ({resizable:false}) // non-resizable

In the above example, instances of the MyNamespace.MyDialog class are automatically resizable. It is still possible to suppress resizability by explicitly setting resizable to false during construction, as is the case with the myDialog2 instance created in this example.

1.2. Examples

There are no dedicated showcase example pages for the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module.


Use the link below to search for example pages on the UIZE Web site that reference the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module...


1.3. Implementation Info

The Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module defines the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable extension module under the Uize.Widget.Dialog namespace.

1.3.1. Features Introduced in This Module

The features listed in this section have been introduced in this module.


Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable.moduleName | Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable.pathToResources

1.3.2. Features Overridden in This Module

No features have been overridden in this module.

1.3.3. Features Inherited From Other Modules

This module has no inherited features.

1.3.4. Modules Directly Under This Namespace

There are no modules directly under this namespace.

1.3.5. Unit Tests

There is no dedicated unit tests module for the Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable module.

2. Child Widgets

2.1. resizer

An instance of the Uize.Widget.Resizer class, that is used to wire up the resize functionality for the dialog.

The interface of the Uize.Widget.Resizer class can be used to qualify how the dialog is resizable. For example, a dialog could be made only vertically resizable as follows...

Uize.require (
  function () {
    var page = window.page = Uize.Widget.Page ();

    page.addChild (
    ).children.resizer.set ({

In the above example, notice how the resizer child widget is being dereferenced off the children property immediately after adding the dialog child widget. This is possible because the addChild instance method returns a reference to the child widget being added (the dialog in this case). Setting the fixedX state property of the resizer instance to true causes the dialog to be resizable only in the Y-axis (vertically).

NOTE: For optimization, the resizer child widget is only created if a dialog is made resizable by setting its resizable state property to true. Therefore, be careful to first set a dialog to be resizable before attempting to access the resizer child widget for modifying its state.

3. State Properties

3.1. isMaximized

A boolean, specifying whether or not the dialog is maximized.


the initial value is false

3.2. resizable

A boolean, specifying whether or not the dialog should be resizable.

The value of this property can be changed at any time: before the dialog widget is wired, after it is wired but before it is shown, after it is shown, etc. The first time that this property becomes true, the resizer child widget is added to the dialog widget.


the initial value is undefined (equivalent to false)

4. Static Properties

4.1. Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable.moduleName


this feature was introduced in this module

4.2. Uize.Widget.Dialog.xResizable.pathToResources


this feature was introduced in this module