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MODULES Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo

1. Introduction

The Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo package defines a lookup object that maps HTML entity character codes to description / categorization information about the entities.

DEVELOPERS: Chris van Rensburg

1.1. Examples

The following example pages are good showcases for the Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo module...

HTML Entities Table - See all the HTML entities in a sortable table.


Use the link below to search for example pages on the UIZE Web site that reference the Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo module...


1.2. Implementation Info

The Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo module defines the Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo package under the Uize.Util.Html namespace.

1.2.1. Features Introduced in This Module

The features listed in this section have been introduced in this module.


Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.charCodeToEntityInfoLookup | Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.moduleName | Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.pathToResources

1.2.2. Features Overridden in This Module

No features have been overridden in this module.

1.2.3. Features Inherited From Other Modules

This module has no inherited features.

1.2.4. Modules Directly Under This Namespace

There are no modules directly under this namespace.

1.2.5. Unit Tests

The Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo module is unit tested by the Uize.Test.Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo test module.

2. Static Properties

2.1. Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.charCodeToEntityInfoLookup

An object, representing an entity information lookup table, where each key is an entity character code, and where each value is an array of categorization levels (from most general to most specific).


entityInfoARRAY = Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.charCodeToEntityInfoLookup [entityCharCodeINT];


var entity8218Info = Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.charCodeToEntityInfoLookup [8218];

In the above example, the entity info is being obtained for the entity with the character code 8218. This entity is the low-9 single quotation mark and the entity info array that is returned by the expression will be ['Punctuation','quotation mark','single','low-9'].


this feature was introduced in this module

2.2. Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.moduleName


this feature was introduced in this module

2.3. Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.pathToResources


this feature was introduced in this module