UIZE JavaScript Framework

2015 News

This is the news archive for the UIZE JavaScript Framework for the year 2015.
2015-10-31 - MIGRATED MODULE: Uize.Cookie  The Uize.Cookie module has been migrated to under the new Uize.Util.Browser namespace as Uize.Util.Browser.Cookies. 2015-10-24 - DEPRECATED MODULE - Uize.Fade.xFactory  The Uize.Fade.xFactory module has been deprecated as an extension module that extends the Uize.Fade class, in favor of the new Uize.Fade.Factory pure package module containing static methods. 2015-09-20 - NEW SHOWCASE: EVER:CLOCK  EVER:CLOCK is a fun, themeable, online digital clock that can be loaded straight into your modern Web browser. 2015-04-17 - Deprecated Uize.Data Module Killed  The Uize.Data module that was deprecated back in April of 2014 has now finally been killed - Uize.Data now exists purely as a namespace for various other data utility modules. 2015-01-11 - Uize.Node Modules Deprecated  All modules under the Uize.Node namespace have been migrated to under the new Uize.Dom namespace.