UIZE JavaScript Framework

2015 NEWS 2015-10-24 - DEPRECATED MODULE - Uize.Fade.xFactory

The Uize.Fade.xFactory module has been deprecated as an extension module that extends the Uize.Fade class, in favor of the new Uize.Fade.Factory pure package module containing static methods.

All the static methods defined in the Uize.Fade.xFactory extension module have been migrated to the new Uize.Fade.Factory module as follows...


Uize.Fade.fade            >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Fade.Factory.fade
Uize.Fade.fadeMethod      >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Fade.Factory.fadeMethod
Uize.Fade.fadeProperties  >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Fade.Factory.fadeProperties
Uize.Fade.fadeProperty    >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Fade.Factory.fadeProperty


Because the Uize.Fade.xFactory module has only been deprecated and has not yet been eliminated, code currently using it should continue to work. However, code that was previously using the methods defined in the Uize.Fade.xFactory module should be updated to use the equivalent methods from the new Uize.Fade.Factory module.