UIZE JavaScript Framework

2015 NEWS 2015-04-17 - Deprecated Uize.Data Module Killed

The Uize.Data module that was deprecated back in April of 2014 has now finally been killed - Uize.Data now exists purely as a namespace for various other data utility modules.

The Uize.Data module was superceded by the Uize.Data.Compare and Uize.Data.Util modules. The methods contained inside the defunct Uize.Data module were migrated to these two modules as follows...


Uize.Data.clones        >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Data.Compare.clones
Uize.Data.conjoined     >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Data.Compare.conjoined
Uize.Data.identical     >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Data.Compare.identical
Uize.Data.intersection  >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Data.Compare.intersection

Uize.Data.filter        >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Data.Util.filter
Uize.Data.findRecords   >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Data.Util.findRecords
Uize.Data.getColumn     >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Data.Util.getColumn

Because the Uize.Data module has been killed, attempts to call the defunct methods listed above will produce errors. If any code had not already been updated to account for the migration of those methods, such code will not be forced to be modified or may break after this latest update.