UIZE JavaScript Framework

2013 NEWS 2013-11-23 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo

The new Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo module defines a lookup object that maps HTML entity character codes to description / categorization information about the entities.

The module provides the Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.charCodeToEntityInfoLookup static property, which is an object representing an entity information lookup table, where each key is an entity character code, and where each value is an array of categorization levels (from most general to most specific).


entityInfoARRAY = Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.charCodeToEntityInfoLookup [entityCharCodeINT];


var entity8218Info = Uize.Util.Html.EntityInfo.charCodeToEntityInfoLookup [8218];

In the above example, the entity info is being obtained for the entity with the character code 8218. This entity is the low-9 single quotation mark and the entity info array that is returned by the expression will be ['Punctuation','quotation mark','single','low-9'].

To see an example of the new Uize.Util.Html.Entities module in use, see the HTML Entities Table example.