UIZE JavaScript Framework

2011 News

This is the news archive for the UIZE JavaScript Framework for the year 2011.
2011-12-26 - New Uize.isList Static Method  The new Uize.isList static method returns a boolean, indicating whether or not the specified value is considered a list. 2011-12-24 - Dummy Functions Added to Uize Base Module  A handful of dummy functions have been added to the Uize base module, that can be used in certain situations where you need to supply a dummy function as a handler, callback, or iterator function. 2011-12-22 - JavaScript new Operator Now Optional  The JavaScript new operator is now optional when creating instances of Uize subclasses, and you can make the new operator optional for your own object constructors using the newly added Uize.noNew static method. 2011-12-03 - Improved Uize.lookup and Uize.reverseLookup  The Uize.lookup and Uize.reverseLookup static methods have been improved with the added ability to specify a target object for adding entries. 2011-11-29 - Unit Tests for Uize.Data.NameValueRecords  Comprehensive unit tests have been created for the Uize.Data.NameValueRecords module. 2011-11-27 - Uize Base Gets Uize.forEach and Uize.map  The Uize base module has been improved with the addition of the new Uize.forEach and Uize.map static methods. 2011-11-13 - New Utility Belt Features  The Uize base module has been given a boost with the addition of a slew of convenient utility belt features. 2011-10-30 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Array.Util  The new Uize.Array.Util module provides a home for miscellaneous array utility methods that are not yet deemed ready for promototion to the Uize.Array or Uize modules. 2011-10-18 - Deprecated Features of Uize.Template Killed  The Uize.Template.encoders and Uize.Template.decoders static properties of the Uize.Template module, that were deprecated back in April of 2010, have finally been killed. 2011-10-11 - Various Broken Examples Fixed  Various JavaScript examples on the UIZE Web site that had become victims to bit rot have been restored to their former glory. 2011-09-22 - Buttons With Incorrect Styling in IE9 Fixed  An issue that was causing button widgets to not have the correct mouse cursor when mousing over them in IE9 has been fixed. 2011-09-21 - Broken Drag-and-drop in IE9 Fixed  An issue that was breaking the drag-and-drop functionality of the Uize.Widget.Drag class in IE9 has been fixed. 2011-09-20 - Broken Pages in IE9 Fixed  An issue that was breaking pages of the UIZE Web site in IE9 has been fixed. 2011-09-19 - Cloning of Regular Expressions in Safari Fixed  A minor issue that was discovered in Safari with the Uize.clone method when cloning regular expressions (i.e. instances of the RegExp object) has been fixed. 2011-09-18 - Fixed Running of Unit Tests in Browser  A problem that was causing the UIZE Unit Tests page to fail to run the test suite for UIZE has been fixed. 2011-09-17 - Ad Hoc Property Creation Fixed  A problem that was discovered with the state properties mechanism and its support for ad hoc creation of properties has been fixed. 2011-08-30 - Workaround for JScript For In Issue  An issue was discovered with the way that Microsoft's JScript interpreter, which is used in Internet Explorer and Windows Script Host, iterates through arrays in for...in loops. 2011-07-26 - Thorough State Properties Unit Tests  Thorough unit tests have been created for the state properties feature implemented in the Uize base class. 2011-07-03 - Improved set Method in the Uize Base Class  The Uize.set static method and the set instance method, implemented in the Uize base class, have been improved to support an arbitrary number of arguments, allowing the values for multiple state properties to be specified as name-value pair arguments. 2011-05-31 - More Uize Base Class Unit Tests  To help ensure the robustness and stability of the UIZE JavaScript Framework over time, more unit tests have been created for the Uize base class. 2011-05-22 - Improved Uize.pairUp Method  The Uize.pairUp method, implemented in the Uize base class, has been improved with support for two new variations. 2011-05-21 - JSON Serialization Improvements  The Uize.Json module has been improved with the addition of two convenient presets for serializing JavaScript objects to strict JSON format, according to the specification at json.org. 2011-05-11 - Improved Declarative Widget Properties  The declarative syntax for widget properties has been improved to cover more cases. 2011-05-05 - SimpleDoc Now Supports Section Title Aliases  The SimpleDoc format, a Wikitext like document format for easily writing structured documents, has added support for section title aliases. 2011-04-12 - NEW METHOD: Uize.String.split  The new Uize.String.split method, implemented in the Uize.String module, splits a string into an array of elements using the specified splitter string or regular expression, in strict accordance with the ECMA-262 language's specified behavior for the String object's split instance method. 2011-04-03 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Color.xCmyk  The new Uize.Color.xCmyk module extends the Uize.Color object by adding a profile for the CMYK color space, and by providing encodings for this color space. 2011-03-29 - Uize on GitHub  The UIZE JavaScript Framework is now available on GitHub, so anybody can now fork the project to their heart's content. 2011-03-24 - NEW EXAMPLE - Color Format Converter  The new Color Format Converter Tool lets you easily convert color values from one format to another. 2011-03-23 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Util.PropertyAdapter  The new Uize.Util.PropertyAdapter module implements a mechanism for connecting two state properties together, with optional bi-directional value adapter code. 2011-03-11 - Bug Fix For toString and valueOf Intrinsic Methods  An Internet Explorer specific problem with the toString intrinsic method and the valueOf intrinsic method, that are specially implemented for Uize subclasses, has been fixed. 2011-03-10 - Improved Process for Announcing News  For developers of the UIZE JavaScript Framework, the process for adding news announcements has been improved and simplified, so that all that is required is to create a .simple file for a news item, and then the build process for the site will do the rest. 2011-03-05 - Deprecated Features of Uize.Widget.Tree Killed  A number of instance and static methods of the Uize.Widget.Tree module that were deprecated a year ago have finally been killed. 2011-02-21 - Unit Test Improvements  Unit tests for the UIZE JavaScript Framework have been improved in a number of ways, as outlined below... 2011-02-11 - New ajax Method in Uize.Widget  The Uize.Widget module has been improved with the addition of the new ajax instance method. 2011-01-31 - Major Improvements to Module References  Reference documentation for modules of the UIZE JavaScript Framework has been substantially improved, with the addition of automatically generated documentation for features of modules for which no documentation has explicitly been written. 2011-01-22 - FRAMEWORK CHANGE: Non-inheritable Statics  A number of static methods that are implemented in the Uize base class, and that have (up until now) been inherited by all subclasses of Uize, are now no longer inheritable. 2011-01-01 - Documentation System Improvements  The JavaScript Documentation System, that is used to produce all the documentation for the UIZE JavaScript Framework, has been improved in a number of ways.