UIZE JavaScript Framework

TO DO - Uize.Widget.Resizer

This is a TO DO document for the Uize.Widget.Resizer module.

BUG: issue with minWidth and minHeight, where min for an axis is not observed when resizing from opposite axis


deal with where jiggler should go
make sure all Uize.Widget.Resizer.Marquee references to Uize.Widget.Resizer superclass are through public interface
create mechanism by which node map can be overrided for the various nodes that a resizable palette or other subclass might need to override
automatically pick up coordinates each time drag is initiated, so that if the area is moved / resized through other means, it takes effect
support for floating point coordinates
support for resize pinned to center using ctrl modifier key
support for constraining to not fall entirely outside of a specified region (i.e. hanging-on-by-a-thread mode)
support snapping behaviors, with modifier key for override
support for maximum dimensions (maxWidth, maxHeight)
support for allowing override of constrained aspect ratio (using modifier key?) -- is this the same as "concept of preferred aspect ratio" that I made a note about at one point?
perhaps storing of start drag positions to be used by end-of-drag handlers or in-drag-rest handlers
deal with issue of swapping over sides in preserve aspect ratio mode
fire events all through drag (whenever positioning changes)
highlight current handle being dragged