UIZE JavaScript Framework

2013 NEWS 2013-11-10 - Deprecated Methods Killed

Various methods that were deprecated in January of 2013 have now been killed.

This includes the Uize.Node.returnFalse and Uize.Node.returnTrue static methods implemented in the Uize.Node module, the Uize.Class.registerProperties static method implemented in the Uize.Class module, the Uize.globalEval static method implemented in the Uize base module, and the Uize.Service.declareServiceMethods static method implemented in the Uize.Service module.


Uize.Node.returnFalse               >> BECOMES >>  Uize.returnFalse
Uize.Node.returnTrue                >> BECOMES >>  Uize.returnTrue
Uize.Class.registerProperties       >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Class.stateProperties
Uize.globalEval                     >> BECOMES >>  Uize.laxEval
Uize.Service.declareServiceMethods  >> BECOMES >>  Uize.Service.serviceMethods

Because the deprecated methods have now been killed, you should make sure to update any code that may have been using the methods by their old names to use the new names.