UIZE JavaScript Framework

2013 NEWS 2013-10-15 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Math.Matrix2D

The new Uize.Math.Matrix2D module provides support for building and applying 2-D affine transformations in a 2-dimensional plane.

This new module is developed by Petar Ivanov and Ben Ilegbodu and contributed to the UIZE project by Zazzle Inc.. The module implements an object with the following instance methods...

clone - makes a copy of the 2-D matrix, returning a new 2-D matrix object
multiply - multiplies the matrix by the specified other matrix transformation
rotate - appends to the matrix a clockwise rotation, around the origin and by the specified angle
scale - applies a specified scale vector to the matrix
toString - serializes the 2-D matrix to a string
translate - applies a specified translation vector to the matrix
values - returns a 6-element array of values that represent the matrix coefficients of the matrix
xForm - applies the matrix to the specified 2-D vector