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2008 News

This is the news archive for the UIZE JavaScript Framework for the year 2008.
2008-12-29 - GET INVOLVED!!! Join the UIZE Google Group  The UIZE JavaScript Framework gets an official discussion group, where developers can discuss ways that they're using UIZE in their own projects. 2008-12-28 - Optimization and Fixes  A number of methods in the Uize base class have been optimized for performance. 2008-12-25 - NEW EXAMPLE: Dynamic Collection  A new Dynamic Collection example demonstrates how an instance of the Uize.Widget.Collection.Dynamic widget class can be used to wire up an editable grid of photos. 2008-12-24 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Data  Some methods of the Uize.Data module have been improved, and a new method has been added. 2008-12-23 - IMPROVED TOOL: JavaScript Template Tester  The JavaScript Template Tester tool has been improved with the addition of a "JST MODULE" tab that displays the input JavaScript template source code converted to a JavaScript template module. 2008-12-20 - DOCUMENTATION: JavaScript Documentation System  Documentation for the SimpleDoc JavaScript Documentation System has been greatly improved and now explains in detail the various formatting rules, providing examples to accompany the explanations. 2008-12-18 - NEW DOCUMENTATION: Uize.Node  Documentation has been added for the Uize.Node.centerInWindow, Uize.Node.getEventAbsPos, Uize.Node.getOpacityStr, Uize.Node.setAbsPos, and Uize.Node.setAbsPosAdjacentTo static methods, and the Uize.Node.isIe, Uize.Node.isSafari, and Uize.Node.isMozilla static properties of the Uize.Node module. 2008-12-17 - Uize.Node.doLinesOverlap Method Killed  The Uize.Node.doLinesOverlap static method of the Uize.Node module has been eliminated. 2008-12-16 - UIZE Official Merchandise Store  The UIZE JavaScript Framework gets its very own merchandise store. 2008-12-16 - Performance Optimization  Some heavily hit methods in the UIZE JavaScript Framework have been optimized to improve their performance. 2008-12-12 - New Features and Framework Changes  The Uize.Data.indexIn and Uize.Data.isIn static methods have been deprecated in the Uize.Data module and migrated into the Uize base class. 2008-12-08 - UIZE IN THE NEWS  The UIZE JavaScript Framework gets a nice mention on the popular Web 2.0 blog site ajaxian.com. 2008-12-08 - NEW DOCUMENTATION: Uize.Widget.SlideShow  Reference documentation is now available for the Uize.Widget.SlideShow widget class. 2008-12-07 - NEW METHOD: Uize.constrain  The new Uize.constrain static method provides a convenient way to constrain a number within specified lower and upper limits. 2008-12-06 - NEW TOOL: Simple Data Tester  The new Simple Data Tester tool (which makes use of the Uize.Simple module) lets you test the parsing and conversion of Simple Data documents into internal data structures. 2008-12-03 - NEW EXAMPLE: Fade Quantization Chart  The new Fade Quantization Chart example illustrates, by way of a color chart representation, how the quantization state property of the Uize.Fade class affects a fade's interpolated value over the course of its progress. 2008-12-03 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Fade Gets Quantization  The Uize.Fade module has been enhanced with the addition of highly flexible quantization functionality, in the form of the new quantization state property. 2008-12-01 - NEW EXAMPLE: Fade As a Color Chart  The new Fade As a Color Chart example illustrates, by way of a color chart representation, how the acceleration and deceleration state properties of the Uize.Fade class shape a fade's curve over the course of its progress. 2008-11-27 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Fade  The Uize.Fade module has been updated with the addition of the new getSeries instance method and the Uize.Fade.getSeries static method, both of which let you use a fade to generate an interpolated series of values. 2008-11-26 - UPDATED DOCUMENTATION  Documentation has been added for the Uize.toString, Uize.valueOf, Uize.capFirstChar, Uize.recordMatches, and Uize.module static methods, and the Uize.moduleLoader static property of the Uize base class, as well as the setNodeInnerHtml instance method of the Uize.Widget base class. 2008-11-23 - NEW EXAMPLE: Fade As a Graph  The new Fade As a Graph example illustrates how the acceleration and deceleration state properties of the Uize.Fade class shape a fade's curve over time. 2008-11-20 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Fade  The Uize.Fade module now supports non-time based fades. 2008-11-18 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Widget.Button  The button widget, implemented in the Uize.Widget.Button class, has been modified to give the active display state precedence over the grayed display state. 2008-11-16 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize  A number of small improvements have been made to the Uize base class. 2008-11-15 - DIALOG UPDATES: Setting OK and CANCEL Text  Various improvements have been made relating to dialog based widgets... 2008-11-13 - MINOR TWEAKS AND FIXES  - A new insertionMode state property implemented in the Uize.Widget base class provides a way for applications to control how a widget's HTML is inserted when the built state property is set to false and a non-empty value is specified for the html state property. For more details, consult the reference for the Uize.Widget class. 2008-11-07 - Deprecated Methods Killed  The Uize.Node.getByNameOrId static method that was deprecated back in May of 2008, and the Uize.String.stripPadding and Uize.Node.getByMatch static methods that were deprecated back in July of 2008 have all been killed. 2008-11-05 - New Guide on State Properties  A new guide for the state property mechanism provides an exhaustive explanation of state properties and digs into the nuances of features such as onChange handlers, conformer functions, initial values, the Changed.[propertyName] virtual event, and more. 2008-11-05 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Data  The Uize.Data module has been updated with the addition of two new methods. 2008-10-27 - Bug Fixes  A number of issues have been addressed... 2008-10-13 - Bug Fix  A critical bug was fixed with the Uize.Color.hexStr static method. 2008-10-12 - Class Inheritance Guide  A new guide has been added to delve into the class inheritance mechanism of the UIZE JavaScript Framework. 2008-10-09 - Bug Fixes  A bug (affecting Internet Explorer 7 and earlier) that was causing the Uize.Node.display static method to throw a JavaScript error when using it to display table, tr, th, td, tbody, colgroup, col, and caption nodes has been fixed. 2008-10-06 - CSS Tweaks for IE  An issue that was causing documentation pages to have obnoxious horizontal scrollbars in IE6 and IE7 (caused by white-space:pre for the code tag) has been fixed. 2008-10-05 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Data  The Uize.Data module has been improved with the addition of the two new Uize.Data.min and Uize.Data.max static methods that return the minimum value and maximum value from the specified array (or object), respectively. 2008-10-03 - NEW EXAMPLE: List Template  This modest little example demonstrates how a JavaScript template for generating an unordered list can be used to populate list HTML into a node in the page. 2008-10-03 - Framework Changes, Build Script Tweaks  The serializeParams instance method and the Uize.Comm.serializeParams, Uize.Comm.parseQuery, and Uize.Comm.getCacheDefeatStr static methods of the Uize.Comm module - that were deprecated back in June of 2008 - have finally been killed. 2008-09-28 - JavaScript Fun  A new page has been added that showcases some examples of JavaScript quirkiness and possibly counter-intuitive behavior. 2008-09-28 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.SimpleDoc  The Uize.SimpleDoc module now automatically adds a target="_blank" attribute in link tags generated for URL's that begin with a protocol (e.g. http://www.somewhere.com/document.html vs. just document.html). 2008-09-27 - Improved Modules  The Uize.SimpleDoc module has been updated so that the automatically generated title attributes for list items in the contents tree now are stripped of SimpleDoc formatting. 2008-08-27 - Framework Changes, New Examples, Optimization  The Uize.Widget.Page page widget class now provides an implementation for decorated confirm and inform (aka alert) modal dialogs. 2008-08-15 - Framework Changes  In the Uize base class, the MyClass.doOnceEvent and MyClass.hasEventFired static methods, along with the myInstance.doOnceEvent and myInstance.hasEventFired instance methods, have all been KILLED. 2008-08-09 - Lots of Improvements  This new example demonstrates how the Uize.Widget.AutoTooltip class can be used to enhance links to external sites so that a summary info table is provided in a tooltip as you mouse over the links. 2008-08-02 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Template  The Uize.Template module now supports compiler directives which are executed at compile time for JavaScript templates. 2008-07-28 - Lots of Improvements  The new Uize.String.indent static method lets you easily indent or unindent multi-line strings. The new Uize.String.repeat static method lets you easily repeat a specified string a specified number of times. The Uize.String.stripPadding static method has been renamed to simply Uize.String.trim (the old method name is deprecated and will still be supported for some time). 2008-07-19 - IMPROVED MODULE: Uize.Node  The functionality of the Uize.Node.getByMatch static method has been enhanced to support regular expression and function type node property tests, and it has been given the new name Uize.Node.find - short and sweet (and clear). 2008-07-13 - NEW MODULE: Uize.Xml  A new Uize.Xml utility module has been added, with static methods for serializing objects to attributes strings, decoding attributes strings into attributes objects, and encoding and decoding attribute values. 2008-07-07 - New Modules, Refactoring, Documentation  The JavaScript Scruncher tool has been updated and improved to have a tabbed interface, initial test data, an explanation, and contemporary coding style. 2008-07-02 - Bug Fixes  Fixed two bugs that were introduced with the 2008-07-01 build: one with Uize.Node and unwiring events, and one with a slideshow example that got broken in some refactoring. 2008-07-01 - NEW WIDGET: Uize.Widget.AutoTooltip  Another "unobtrusive JavaScript" feature has been added to the UIZE JavaScript Framework, in the form of the new Uize.Widget.AutoTooltip class. 2008-06-27 - New Features  The new Uize.Data.getColumn static method lets you get all the values for a specified column of a record set. The new Uize.Data.findRecords static method lets you get an array containing all the records of a specified record set that match the specified match criteria. 2008-06-24 - New Tool  A new JavaScript Template Tester tool has been added that lets you experiment with JavaScript templates. 2008-06-19 - New Documentation  The recently added Uize.Json package, with features that were migrated from the now defunct Uize.serialize extension, has been fully documented. 2008-06-17 - New Features & Changes  The UIZE JavaScript Framework now has support for JavaScript templates. 2008-06-10 - Updates  The JSON Prettifier tool has been improved to allow the configuration of serialization options, with convenient presets provided. 2008-06-03 - Latest Improvements  This is a news item for the UIZE JavaScript Framework. 2008-05-28 - Framework Updates  The objectName instance property of the Uize base class has been renamed to instanceId. 2008-05-08 - More Examples, More Documentation, Downloadable  Yes, it's finally downloadable. And there are more examples, with more explanatory text. Libraries contain improved features and functionality, and there is now a formal method for declaring modules and their dependencies.