UIZE JavaScript Framework

2006 News

This is the news archive for the UIZE JavaScript Framework for the year 2006.
2006-12-30 - More Tests  The suite of functionality, performance, and issues tests has grown and has been better organized. 2006-12-30 - More Documentation  The first version of the reference documentation for the Uize, Uize.Fade, Uize.Data, and Uize.Node classes / packages has been completed. 2006-07-23 - More Performance Optimization  Performance optimization on the Uize.Fade class, since this is hit heavily during any kind of animation process. Various changes in other core classes that are heavily used to improve performance. 2006-07-15 - Performance Optimization  Various changes have been made to the event mechanism of the Uize base class in order to improve performance during event heavy interactions, such as automated fades and drag-and-drop. 2006-07-12 - NEW EXAMPLE - Tiled Zoom and Pan Example  Demonstrates how a matrix of draggable image ports can be used to good effect. 2006-07-05 - Refactored idPrefix Scheme  The idPrefix scheme used by subclasses of Uize.Widget has been refactored to enforce consistency and to make it easier to ascertain by looking at a node's id value what it's function is and which widget it serves. 2006-07-02 - NEW EXAMPLE - Shared UI Example  Demonstrates the capability of widgets for unwiring and rewiring, and allowing the same nodes in the DOM to be handed back and forth between different instances of the same widget class.