UIZE JavaScript Framework

JavaScript White Papers

Various white papers have been written to explore in depth certain facets of building applications and frameworks using ECMAScript (aka JavaScript).
Javascript Mixins  The UIZE JavaScript Framework provides a versatile mixin system for implementing reusable fragments of functionality that can be mixed in to different classes in a class hierarchy. Localization  This document outlines requirements for a localization system that can serve the needs of user interface for multiple products using various different UI technologies. Overarching Principles Of User Interface Design  This is an in-progress, straw man proposal for a set of overarching principles for user interface design. Resource String Guidelines  This is a white paper document. Telco Voice Prompts  When considering a scalable solution to supporting localization of telephony prompts, the following background informartion should be considered... i18n Guidelines  All resource strings that need to be translated should be "visible" to the localization process.