UIZE JavaScript Framework

JavaScript Form Examples

The UIZE JavaScript Framework includes scores of excellent examples to get you started. This index lists 7 JavaScript form examples.
You can take a step-by-step tour through the examples listed on this page. When you get into the tour, you can use the tour navigation bar that will appear just under the title bar to navigate through the examples. Use the arrows to go forward or back, or click on a "notch" on the progress bar to jump straight to an example.
Characters Used Indicator  Among the creative uses of the bar widget is this characters used indicator for a textarea. As you type, the bar indicates chars used and remaining. Date Picker  The date picker widget lets users pick dates within configured date ranges, inside a shared date picker dialog. Many configurations are demonstrated. Domain List Editor  See an example of a domain list editor that lets the user add domains to a list, or select items from the list to remove or modify and then re-add. Hierarchical Selector  See a demo of the tree select widget being used to let the user choose a value from a hierarchical value list using the browser's built-in select tag. The setNodeValue Method  See a demo of the setNodeValue method, which can set a value on select boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, text inputs, textareas, divs, spans... Two Hierarchical Selectors  See a demo of two instances of the tree select widget used side-by-side - one lets the user select an animal, the other lets the user select a plant. setNodeValue on Multi-select  See a demo of the setNodeValue and getNodeValue instance methods being used to set and get the value for a multiple select style listbox form element.