UIZE JavaScript Framework


The documentation of the UIZE JavaScript Framework includes various appendixes containing supporting information for the framework.
Credits  This is a list of credits for the UIZE JavaScript Framework Glossary  This document is a glossary of terms that are used throughout the documentation for the UIZE JavaScript Framework. Html Style Guide  This document provides a style guide for authoring of HTML and CSS that is recommended when building applications with the UIZE JavaScript Framework. Javascript Code Conventions  This document outlines code conventions for the JavaScript language, recommended for application development using the UIZE JavaScript Framework. Javascript Fun  This document explores some of the more unusual idiosyncracies of the JavaScript language, some of which may trip you up if you're not aware of them. Javascript Interview Questions  The interview questions in this document are designed to explore aspects of a candidate's knowledge of, and familiarity with, the JavaScript language. Javascript Optimization  This document discusses tricks and techniques for optimizing JavaScript code for performance and/or code size - some general, some specific to UIZE. Press Center  This document offers materials that may be useful to anyone reviewing or reporting on the UIZE JavaScript Framework, including logo images and blurbs. Showcase  See showcases of the UIZE JavaScript Framework in action on Web 2.0 sites with rich client interaction, widgets, Ajax, drag-and-drop, animation, etc.